About Me

blog-postI’ve always been a writer. Ever since I was really little I had all of these ideas that I would write out constantly in the form of short stories. When I was in high school I got to try my hand at journalism and I decided to pursue it further. I’ve always wanted to do something I loved and writing was that one thing I could never get away from.

I majored in journalism at Towson University with a minor in creative writing. Through the countless journalism classes I’ve taken, I’ve written tons of articles from news to features to blog posts. I wrote for the schools newspaper, The Towerlight, where I wrote for the Arts and Life section and wrote my own column called Artist’s Spotlight. I wrote for The Odyssey Online where I’d write weekly articles as well as a few multimedia things. In addition to all of this I write several personal blogs.

I want to write stories that are widely impactful, that make people feel something or learn something essential, and tell the stories of the world that wouldn’t be told otherwise. Every new story is an adventure and I’m looking forward to where the adventure takes me next.

My resume: resume


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