My Work

The Prince George’s Sentinel

I have been a staff writer for The Prince George’s Sentinel for a little over a year. In that role, I have written about news, politics, entertainment, crime and events throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Although I wrote about some of everything, I had an education beat where I would attend Board of Education meetings, write about breaking news within the school system and write about other topics such as happenings within various schools, the teacher’s unions and the PGCPS budget.

All of my stories from this paper can be found on the Sentinel website. Here are a few of my favorite stories:

Prince George’s County Sees Steady Increase In Death To Opioid Addiction

School bus drivers call for better pay, better working conditions

Transitional Home For Women Opens In County

County Athletic Fields Deteriorating As Alsobrooks Calls For Beautification

County Schools Cope With Gun Violence

The Fem Word

An online magazine that shares stories of women around the world and their experiences, I have written for The Fem Word since May 2019. As a freelance writer, I write monthly articles about women in the media, issues and experiences that women face and stories of everyday women.

The Limitless Woman: No Turn Signal Needed to Switch Lanes


At Odyssey, an online community for college students to share their opinions on pop culture, politics and more, I wrote for the website from 2016 to 2018 and was contributing editor from 2017 until 2018. As the contributing editor, I was in charge of editing weekly articles from about 20 writers in the Towson University community in addition to writing one story of my own each week.

All of my work from Odyssey can be found on their website.

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